AC Replacement in Los Angeles

So your AC is ready for replacement – now you need to find the right contractor. You can stop your searching right here. Brody Pennell is the BEST AC replacement team in Los Angeles. How do we know? We’re recognized by both customers and industry organizations for our superior services. We have hundreds of 5-star ratings from customers and our trophy case is bursting at the seams with awards for our excellent customer service. Building this reputation didn’t happen overnight. For over 70 years, we’ve been delivering excellent air conditioning installation services one day at a time. 

Brody Pennell Offers the Best AC Replacement Experience in LA

Investing in a new air conditioner can be nerve-wracking. Your air conditioner will serve your home for the next ten years or longer. If you’re not knowledgeable about air conditioning systems, it feels like you’re flying blind.

Making the right decision on such a large purchase can cause butterflies for anyone. At Brody Pennell, our goal is to educate our customers. We want to make sure you feel completely confident in choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home. That’s why we believe that every single air conditioner installation starts with you, the homeowner.

We start every AC replacement consultation with a simple discussion about your needs. If your current air conditioner is not functional, we know you need an affordable replacement quickly. Still, it’s important to consider your family’s comfort and what hasn’t been working with your current system. Here are some questions we’ll ask before we begin:

  • Have you done any major renovations in the last few years, or are you planning to renovate or finish out unused spaces soon? 
  • Are there hot or cold spots in your home? 
  • Is indoor humidity an issue? 
  • Does anyone suffer from allergies
  • Have you considered zoning your home?
  • Do you have smart home technology, or are you interested in upgrading your thermostat
  • Are there areas of the home where you’d like to keep any HVAC noise down?

We’ll provide you with an estimate for your new air conditioning system. Once you schedule your installation, we’ll stay in touch with you through the entire process. Here is what to expect from an AC Installation with Brody Pennell.

Common Questions About AC Replacement

Air Conditioner Replacement FAQ:

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