Carrier Puron AC Units in Los Angeles

If you’re like most LA homeowners, you think little about the mechanics of an air conditioning system. You turn the temperature down, and you’re A/C sends cool air throughout your home. But the thing that makes air conditioning units work–refrigerant–is under scrutiny by lawmakers. We encourage all homeowners to get educated about coolants like Puron. Because when you’re informed, you can make confident decisions about your AC repairmaintenance, and replacement.

Why the Refrigerant Your LA AC System Uses Matters

Unless you’re an HVAC expert, you may not know that there are several varieties of AC refrigerant. One way to think of refrigerant types is like fuel for cars. There are gas-fueled vehicle engines, while others are diesel-fueled. Cars that run on gas won’t work with diesel, and vice versa. Diesel isn’t available at every fueling station, and the cost of gas and diesel are different.

Refrigerant in an air conditioner is similar. The coolant your system has matters for several reasons: