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Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home With Nest

Are you ready to take the leap into the 21st century? Let us make your connected home dream a reality! Brody Pennell is a Nest Elite Pro – that means you’ll get a team that prioritizes both old-fashioned customer service and being well-versed in modern-day technology.

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The connected home phenomenon started with smart thermostats and quickly snowballed into many connected devices: doorbells, cameras, sensors, security, and more. Your Google Nest Thermostat is just one piece of a connected home ecosystem and here at Brody Pennell, we’re committed to ensuring your smart home works seamlessly. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nest to ensure our 5-star team of professional technicians can install the full suite of connected home products.

Nest Products and Services for a Helpful Home

The Brody Pennell team is proficient in installing the full suite of Nest and Google products, including:

  • Nest Thermostat, including the Nest Learning Thermostat and Temperature Sensors
  • Nest Camera products, like the Nest Cam
  • Nest Protect smoke alarm and carbon monoxide sensor
  • Nest Doorbells
  • Smart Speakers like the Google Home and Nest Mini
  • Hub Devices like the Google Nest Hub, which can display all your smart home devices

Brody Pennell will install your new device, set it up and show you how to use it. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Nest thermostat reminding you it is time to change your air filter

Is a Smart Home Right for You?

Technology moves fast these days, and the way your home is connected to the internet of things is no different. It seems like we went straight from the personal computer to robot vacuums!

With modern technology, you can automate or even eliminate simple household tasks. One example is indoor lighting. Many homeowners in Los Angeles turn indoor lights on around the same time each evening. You might be familiar with timers, which automatically turn on and off lights throughout the house at certain times. Timers are especially useful as a security measure when you’re away from home.

Technology takes this simple concept to a new level – allowing homeowners to turn on or off lights from anywhere in the world, right from their smartphone. If your handy timer has been serving you well, then you may not need the added functionality of smart lights. But there are some scenarios where a remote connection can be helpful. For example, in the case of a power outage or if you simply forget to set your timer. Smart homes increase convenience as well as your peace of mind.

Some connected home devices, like smart thermostats, take things even further. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat monitors usage over time. It can automatically adjust your temperature setpoint depending on how you’ve adjusted your thermostat previously, whether spaces are occupied, and the time of day. A smart thermostat can make your home a more comfortable place to be, while also reducing your energy consumption by using less power while you’re away. It’s a win-win.

The people best suited for a smart home are Los Angeles homeowners who:

  • Have a smartphone and are comfortable using it
  • Have Wi-Fi internet at their home
  • Want to automate little tasks in life
  • Seeking to reduce energy usage or make home improvements toward a greener home
  • Desire greater control of their household devices
  • Host guests often or operate a short-term rental property

The Importance of a Qualified Connected Home Installer

The benefits of a smart home are clear. But many Los Angeles homeowners hesitate to make the switch because a home controlled via the internet can sometimes feel like you have less control. It’s downright frustrating when apps don’t work or devices don’t connect. Hiring a professional to install your smart home devices ensures a seamless integration of your new connected devices. Brody Pennell is a Nest Elite Pro, which means our team has received technical training directly from the Nest team. Your smart home products will be up and running quickly. So go ahead, put your feet up while we do all the work. You can be confident the installation will be done right by the pros at Brody Pennell.

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