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What is Heater Maintenance?

Imagine what would happen to the performance and lifespan of your vehicle if you never got an oil change or professional check-up. How about your teeth – without regular dental visits, how could you be sure your mouth was healthy? The costs to fix BIG problems would pile up and you’d be putting yourself at risk financially and functionally, right?

The same is true for your HVAC system. An unmonitored system will begin to degrade and repairs for long-ignored problems could be costly. Without maintenance and tune-ups, your system could be causing carbon monoxide leaks, fires, and a whole host of problems. While maintenance is an investment, it’s far more affordable and practical to invest incrementally to ensure consistency, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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How Old is Your Heating System?

If you have an older system – 6-10 years old or more – maintenance is crucial. At this point in the lifespan of your heating system, things can start to break down. If you haven’t already been investing in regular maintenance, now’s the time. Routine maintenance can hold off the cost of replacement for a couple of extra years, keep your older system working at peak performance, and ensure that we’re staying on top of any new issues you might experience.

If you have a newer system – 5 years old or less – maintenance is wise. We know that HVAC systems are expensive – it’s a big investment. We also know they’re essential to the comfort of our homes. Whether you bought your system new or inherited the system with the purchase of your home, you will get out of the system what you put into it. Maintenance will help you ensure that your system lives its best life, so you can live yours — worry-free.

Benefits of Heater Maintenance:


Heating systems can break down over time. If you’re checking in on yours routinely, you will be able to prevent a lot of those little issues that can fester over time. This will save both money and hassle.


If you want your heating system to start right up, heat your home evenly, run consistently, and remain that way all season long, maintenance is the only way to go. Repair is reactive and could be costly, especially for issues that could have been detected much sooner…

Early detection

Speaking of costly – some systems do encounter bigger problems. If your system has an equipment or parts failure, we can detect these problems early during our maintenance visit. Instead of repairing years of damage, our technicians will note the early signs of an emerging issue and even prevent it entirely. Early detection keeps your costs lower, your home warmer, and your family safe from surprise trouble.

BIG cost savings

What you’ll love about our maintenance agreement is that it’s affordable while saving you money in other ways, too:


Replacing a system is expensive. We won’t pretend it isn’t. While we offer great financing options with approved credit for a new system, routine maintenance will ensure you get the most out of the system you’ve got now.

Energy Efficiency

Don’t just save on system repairs and replacement costs – save on other bills, too! When you have your system serviced regularly, our team can help you assess and improve upon the energy usage of the system. Whether we’re making a small repair to a duct leak or helping your system cycle on-and-off less frequently, our techs know how to help you save on energy costs. This is good for you and great for the planet.

Brody Pennell technician identifying maintenance needed for furnace

Brody Pennell does maintenance differently: The Brody Comfort Club

The Brody Comfort Club is a maintenance agreement that makes you an even more exclusive member of the Brody Pennell family. When you join, you’ll snag annual maintenance at our lowest price, plus a whole lot more:

Regularly scheduled maintenance

One of the reasons many homeowners don’t invest in routine maintenance is because they’re busy. You’re managing work, the house, your family, and other obligations and things like routine maintenance can get set aside. We get that. As a Comfort Club member, your maintenance will be scheduled in advance and we’ll remind you. No need for you to track anything.

VIP services and support

We don’t outsource your maintenance to a contractor. You’ll get the support of our team of certified techs. We also provide emergency service, extended appointment times, warranties and guarantees, plus the dedication to comfort and care that only Brody Pennell can provide.

Affordability & additional savings

Brody Comfort Club membership is not only affordable for your two tune-ups and inspections per year, but as a member, you’ll also score exclusive deals like 10% off parts and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in heater maintenance?
Our preventative heater maintenance service includes a comprehensive checklist of items. During your maintenance visit, one of our technicians will check the heat exchanger for signs of damage, cleaning the blower and removing and debris, check the amp draw of the blower, examining the belts for any cracks or damage, lubricating all moving parts in the system, and much more!
What are the benefits of heater maintenance?
There are many benefits of signing up for a maintenance agreement with Brody Pennell. When you have routine system maintenance conducted, you will experience greater energy efficiency, increased heater lifespan, and improved comfort in your home.

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