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Take Control Of The Way You Cool Your Home

Ductless heating and cooling systems are exactly what they sound like – Systems with the ability to control a room or home’s temperature without the use of ducts. A ductless unit is mounted on the wall and has all of the same capabilities as a central air system. The air is slowly replaced within that room and even entire floor of a household or business. Customers have the ability of placing multiple units within their home for maximum comfort, performance and control.

Central heating and air conditioning systems have been the standard for decades. Over time, these systems have advanced to be highly efficient and effective. However, the ability to avoid the expense of repairing, replacing or installing ductwork makes ductless systems an amazing alternative. Regardless of your ductwork scenario, a ductless system is a more efficient option and in many cases the best way to heat or cool your home.

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Ductless vs. Central Heating or Air


The cost of a ductless unit is more expensive than a traditional central air system. However, over time, the energy savings can add up to make up the difference. The installation, repair and maintenance of ductwork can surpass the expense of a ductless system.


Ductless systems have fewer components and therefore are quicker and easier for an HVAC technician to install. A ductless system will typically take a day or two to install. A central air unit will take a week to install, with more room for error with ductwork to take longer.

Energy Efficient

By avoiding the issue of leaking, ductless systems are able to provide an energy savings of up to 25-30%. These systems are highly advanced and don’t just rely on the lack of energy loss from leaking to provide efficient home cooling.
Ductless mini split mounted on a wall

Why Choose a Ductless HVAC System?

Duct systems have worked for many years, so why should I trust this new technology? The truth is, we do carry quality central AC units and are effective and efficient. However, over the past few years, Carrier has been rigorously testing this technology to be nothing less than 100% certain that it is ready to perform, day in and day out, inside a customer’s home for many years.

How do I benefit from removing ducts from the equation? Ductwork is a reliable network that sends cool, or warm, air throughout your home. Unfortunately, in this transfer process, air can leak through even the smallest cracks and holes in the ducts. This leads to a consistent loss of air which forces the system to run longer. Over the course of a month, this can add up to a noticeable amount of energy use that will show up on your utility bill.

Ductwork can also be a pain to maintain. From duct cleaning to major repairs, ductless systems are much less expensive in the long-term.

Maintaining a Ductless HVAC System

Just like a traditional HVAC system, maintenance is imperative. Between dust accumulation and chance malfunctions, it’s vitally important to properly and regularly clean and maintain your ductless system. Being mounted on the wall, ductless systems are exposed to the pollutants that are so potent in condensed spaces (homes). Always be certain to have your HVAC system maintained annually if not bi-annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ductless mini-split AC unit?
A ductless air conditioning unit, also referred to as a ductless mini-split is an electric heating and cooling system that is mounted on the wall on the inside of your home and has an outdoor heat pump. The main difference between a ductless mini-split system and a traditional central air conditioning is that it doesn’t require ductwork.
How is a ductless system controlled?
Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, ductless mini-split AC systems are not controlled by an indoor thermostat. Instead, they are typically controlled with a remote control.
Are ductless AC units loud?
Ductless air conditioning units are relatively quiet compared to traditional central heating and cooling systems. With central AC, the air moves through ductwork, which can sometimes be rather noisy. Since ductless systems do not require ducts, they provide a quiet operation. If your ductless mini-split is making a loud noise, you may want to contact a ductless mini-split repair company in Los Angeles to come take a look.
What makes ductless AC units better than central HVAC?
While both options have their pros and cons, ductless AC can provide a more cost effective way to control the temperature in certain zones of your home that don’t typically get much airflow. The main advantage to ductless systems is that they don’t require ductwork, so you can get AC in areas of your home without requiring major ductwork installation.

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