We are so enjoying having a warm and comfortable home. Thank you for all your hard work installing our new furnace. Additionally, many thanks for the professionalism and kindness we encountered with each person we met from your company by phone and in person.

Mr. & Mrs. Griffin

Pacific Palisades, CA

I commend all of the staff members with whom I had contact. Generally, service from all kinds of businesses has become poor and deteriorated so much that I just need to commend your company. I have been a customer since 1988 and have always been pleased with the service. With your great service, feel sure that I will remain a loyal customer and will not hesitate to refer othewrs to your company as I have done in the past.

Ms. Jacqueline Gael

Beverly Hills, CA

We were impressed with the professionalism of Brody-Pennell from start to finish on the new heating system project we contracted for our home. We firmly believe in the old saying “you get what you pay for” and Brody-Pennell demonstrated to us that it is an organization, which provides higher quality service and stands behinds it commitments.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tarpon

Calabasas, Ca

Your company just finished the replacement of our heating and air conditioning system. We are very impressed with the professionalism and respect for our property and us by the seven members of your staff who were assigned to our project. From the first service call and recommendation that we should consider a complete system replacement through the follow-up after installation. The employees gave us far more attention than we expected. We thank each of your team profusely for the excellent service rendered to us.

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Deutsch

Los Angeles, CA

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