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3 HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips

April 25, 2019

Spring is here! And you know what that means: spring cleaning. There are plenty of excellent tips on deep cleaning your home, but what about spring cleaning for your HVAC? Here’s three things you can add to your deep cleaning checklist:

1. Replace air filters

Be sure you replace your HVAC filter this spring! Consider this: the most important thing of all to be clean in your home is the air that you and your family breathe! All the air in your home travels through your filter.

But here’s a question you might not have thought about. Should you replace your HVAC filter before or after you clean? If you replace your filter before you dust, all of those airborne dust particles will get trapped on your new filter. That means your filter will be dirtier much sooner than normal. And those particles will just sit there until you replace your filter next. The result will be a less efficient HVAC system, and air that’s not as clean as it could be.

So if you’re going to be doing a ton of cleaning and dusting, wait to change your air filter until a day or two after you’re done. That way, all of the chemicals and dust bunnies you’ve created that are floating in the air will get captured on your old filter. Then, you can promptly throw it away and get the dust out of your house for good!

2. Wipe down your vents

Here’s another tip for your HVAC this spring: give your air vents a quick once-over. Allergens and dust build up on vents. If you skip cleaning them, they’ll have a dirty and dingy look. Also, whatever is sitting on your air vents will become a part of the air you breathe.

If you’re already vacuuming the rooms in your house, swap over to the extender rod to suck up the dust from your air vent. Or if your vent is near the floor, use damp rag or towel to wipe up any grime.

3. Get a tune-up scheduled

Sometimes, you gotta bring in the professional. A preventative maintenance visit is of utmost importance to keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. Since a new HVAC is an expensive investment, it’s critical to ensure your system works for as many years as possible. Give us a call to schedule your seasonal tune-up. Or, consider joining our maintenance agreement program. You’ll get a tuneup in both the spring and the fall, so your entire system stays in good condition.

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At Brody Pennell, we believe in excellent customer service. We do things old school: like giving our customers value before they even use our service. That’s why we provide tools and checklists like this one.

When you’re in need of the right contractor to service your HVAC this spring, give us a call at (310) 896-4911.

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