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Home For The Holidays Checklist

December 16, 2022

The winter season brings a variety of holidays and festivities, and it is important your home is prepared! Many holiday to-do lists include making desserts, cleaning, and decorating. While all of these tasks are important for your family gathering, having a warm and comfortable home could be the most important! Be sure to include preparing your heating system on your holidays checklist, so your guests are cozy while celebrating. In this blog, we will list tips on how to prepare your home and heating unit for the winter season!

All I Want For Christmas Is… A Working Heating Unit!

Picture this: It is your favorite winter holiday, and you are spending it at home with your family. In the middle of the festivities, you notice your home has become chillier than normal. When you go to investigate, you realize your vents are blowing cold air. This is the last thing you should be dealing with on your favorite holiday!

Ensuring your heating unit is prepared for winter is important to avoid situations like this. Below we have provided six simple tasks to make sure your comfort remains this holiday season.

  • Be Aware Of Tree Fire Safety
  • Clean Air Vents
  • Check Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors
  • Examine Heating Unit
  • Replace All Air Filters
  • Schedule Heating Maintenance

Be Aware Of Tree Fire Safety

If you celebrate Christmas, it is important to be aware of the fire hazard Christmas trees can cause. Below are a few fire safety tips when it comes to Christmas trees.

  • Be sure your tree is at least 3 feet away from any heat source such as fire places.
  • If you have a live tree, water it daily. Dry Christmas trees are more likely to catch fire.
  • Turn off your Christmas tree lights when you are going to bed or leaving the house.
  • To avoid overloaded electrical circuits, limit three light strings to one extension cord or outlet.

Clean Air Vents

The next time you clean your home, make sure to add air vents to your list! Air vents can collect dust and debris and spread particles around your home. Not only does this decrease air quality, but make for a dirtier space as well. To clean your air vents, remove the vent covers and wipe each one down with a rag. Next, vacuum out the inside of your vents to remove built up dust and dirt. This will keep your home cleaner and allow your guests to breathe easier for the holidays!

Check Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

We recommend testing your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors once a month, but especially before hosting a holiday gathering. Accidents can happen, and your safety is our top priority. Fuel burning appliances such as furnaces can emit carbon monoxide and be dangerous for your health. Additionally, ovens, stoves, and Christmas trees can be a fire hazard if ignored. To test both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, press the “Test” button and replace batteries as necessary.

Examine Heating Unit

Depending on the type of heating unit your home utilizes, be sure it is clean, clear, and operating correctly. For furnaces, ensure the pilot light is on and a bright blue color. If the flame is a yellow/orange color, it could indicate a gas leak and harm your health. If your home uses a heat pump, be sure there is no debris lodged in the unit. Debris and trash can harm efficiency and lead to a breakdown!

Replace Air Filters

Whether you are hosting guests or simply enjoying the holiday season from home, it is important to maintain clean air filters. Your air filter can determine many aspects about your home and heating system, such as airflow, air quality, and efficiency. If your air filter is clogged, your heating unit struggles to push air through the filter pores. This can result in more energy usage or an uncomfortable breakdown. Additionally, a dirty filter allows more pollutants to pass through and reduces air quality. With flu season upon us, it is important to do everything you can to stay healthy for the holidays!

Schedule Heating Maintenance

The best way you can prepare your heating unit for the holidays is to schedule heating maintenance with Brody Pennell. Our expert technicians can take everything off your plate and ensure every component of your eating unit is working properly. We can identify underlying issues and repair it within no time, so your celebrations can go on!

Consider these six tips to ensure your home is comfortable and cozy before hosting your next holiday gathering. To schedule heating maintenance in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, give us a call. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

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Since 1945, Brody Pennell Heating & Air Conditioning is the committed to helping homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area experience total home comfort. In 2021, the readers of the Los Angeles Times voted Brody Pennell the Best HVAC Company in the area.

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