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What’s wrong with my furnace? 3 Top Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair

November 21, 2018

Any time your furnace stops working, you may worry that an expensive repair or even a furnace replacement is required. Some homeowners will wait to call a heating and cooling service because they do not want to pay a large repair bill. But there are times that a small issue may be causing the problem, and the corresponding fix can be affordable and quick.

If you’re wondering whether you should call for furnace repair or just wait to see if the problem persists, consider the signs and symptoms you’ve observed and how severe they are. Here are some of the top signs your furnace may need a professional repair:

1. Slow Heating Of The Home

Even if your furnace is working in top condition, it can take time from when you first switch it on to feel the room warming up. If you stand in front of one of the vents and find that little to no heated air is coming through, there may be an issue with the ductwork instead of the furnace. Ducts can become clogged over time, and block the air from coming through.  Older homes may have ductwork that has worn down or was not installed properly that allows air to escape the system.

There are also furnace based issues that can make the home heat slowly. Issues with the furnace wiring can cause the unit to stop working, even after you’ve switched it on several times. If you notice that the unit is constantly restarting throughout the day, or that it stops working after just a few minutes, this can be a sign of a problem that an HVAC professional will need to handle. Replacing the wiring is a quick fix that a qualified HVAC technician can often resolve in just one visit.

2. Bad Smells

A furnace that is working optimally shouldn’t produce any smell along with the air. If you smell burning, gas or another kind of fuel, or smoke, chances are there is an issue with the furnace.  There can be many causes for the smell, from a serious gas leak to dust caught in the unit. The only way to get to the bottom of the issue is to have a professional check the pilot light, burners and gas line to see if there is an issue with one of these key components.

3.  No Heat At All

If your HVAC unit is producing cool air, even when you set the thermostat to a high temperature, there is definitely an issue. It can be compressor, which heats the air, or the blower motor, which pumps the warm air into the ductwork. If you haven’t had seasonal HVAC maintenance done, chances are you may have missed one or more of the signs of this issue along the way.

If you suspect your furnace needs repair, call Brody Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning at (310) 896-4911. Our team can help you get your furnace back to working condition as fast as possible.

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