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Fall Maintenance Tips

October 14, 2022

The fall season brings many fun activities in Los Angeles, such as apple picking at Oak Glen or visiting one of the many pumpkin patches. While enjoying the break from the summer heat, many wonder when to transition from air conditioning to heating. Fall is the perfect time to prepare your heating system for cooler weather, so your home is warm until spring. In this blog, we will detail fall maintenance tips to help homeowners prepare their heating system for the winter season!

When To Turn On Your Heating System

Fall temperatures in Los Angeles typically mean cool nights and warm days, which can make it confusing when to transition from cooling to heating units. When to turn on your heating system is a personal preference, but it is recommended to do so when your indoor temperature is below 64 degrees. When your home becomes too cool for comfort, it is time to make the switch!

Steps To Prepare Your Heating System

To efficiently and effectively heat your home all winter, there are a few maintenance steps to follow. A heating system breakdown can be uncomfortable and costly, and we are here to help make sure it is avoided! Below are 5 fall maintenance tips to ensure your heating unit is ready for the season ahead.

  • Schedule Heating Maintenance
  • Replace Air Filters
  • Clean Around System
  • Winterize Your AC Unit
  • Ensure Vents Are Clean & Clear

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Your heating system should be serviced twice a year by a professional, ideally in the spring and fall seasons. This preventative service can help prepare your heating or cooling unit for the upcoming workload summer and winter bring. A Brody Pennell expert can thoroughly inspect your heating system this fall and repair any obstructions before it results in a bigger problem. Regular maintenance can help save money on utility bills and repairs!

Replace Air Filters

To ensure a healthy home and heating system, it is best to change your air filters every 3 months. The fall season can bring allergies for some and keeping a clean air filter is vital to indoor air quality. Clogged filter pores can make your unit work harder to provide air into your home, which uses more energy and drives up bills. If your heating system is a furnace, be sure to regularly change its filter as well. Before turning on your heating system, ensure your air filter is clean and ready to catch pollutants!

Clean Around System

No matter the heating unit your home utilizes, it should be cleaned before operating. If your heating unit is located outside, ensure debris such as sticks and leaves are cleared and not obstruct airflow. If your unit is located in your home, check for dust, boxes, or other things that could harm operation. Your Brody Pennell technician will clean your unit during a fall maintenance checkup. Cleaning around your system is a good monthly practice to ensure your heating unit maximizes efficiency!

Winterize Your AC Unit

There is more to transitioning from air conditioning to heating rather than switching a thermostat setting. To properly take care of your air conditioner, it should be prepared for the winter season, Below are steps to winterize your AC unit.

  • Turn off power.
  • Clean debris off the unit.
  • Add a protective cover.
  • Remove snow and ice throughout the winter.

Even though snow and ice is unlikely in Los Angeles, it is still a knowledgeable tip to carry with you. Your air conditioner is an important appliance in your home and should be properly taken care of, even throughout the winter.

Ensure Vents Are Clear & Clean

While performing fall cleaning, don’t forget to add your air vents to the list! Air vents can collect dust and debris and harm indoor air quality. Debris can be spread around your home and settle in your ductwork. Additionally, ensure furniture is not blocking your vents to prevent duct leaks and costly utility bills.

If you take care of your heating and cooling system, it will take care of you. Consider these fall maintenance tips as we transition from air conditioning to heating! To schedule your fall heating maintenance appointment, give us a call!

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