Carrier Performance Series

The perfect combo for today’s budget limits and tomorrows energy savings.

No other brand is more synonymous with home comfort than Carrier. The inventors of the modern air conditioner, Carrier offers the highest quality in HVAC technology and products. With the highest of standards for home comfort, energy efficiency and system durability, every product with the Carrier seal is designed with superior quality.

Carrier’s Performance Series is their next best product line designed for homeowners that understand the importance of investing in their HVAC systems, but who also have a reasonable budget for the purchase of a new system.

The truth is, every Carrier product is built to last and designed for optimal energy efficiency. The Performance Series is the perfect medium for those looking to save now and in the future. While more expensive systems with a greater SEER rating may be a better long-term investment, the Performance line of air conditioners are more affordable upfront, yet still more efficient than most air conditioners on the market.