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At Brody, we are always open with our clients and respectful of their budgets. Our goal isn’t to upsell every homeowner in LA County. Rather, we make no assumptions heading into an initial consultation. We work to understand your needs and recommend products that give you the best possible balance of home comfort and financial security.

We do work with customers to understand that the best decision for their budget, isn’t always the cheapest. Investing a few hundred dollars more upfront in a more effective system will lead to a notable reduction in your monthly energy bill. We provide our customers with a thorough comparative so that they can make the best decision for their home or business.

Carrier Performance Series – Better

The Carrier Performance Series is Carrier’s second best air conditioning unit. While all Carrier customers can expect a quality product, it will provide a great balance between upfront cost and overall system performance and efficiency.


When you factor in how important noise is for your HVAC system, the first place you start is the placement of your system. If your unit is right next to a bedroom or heavily used living space, you’ll want to consider how much the whirring of a running HVAC system will impact your sleep or entertainment.


The Carrier Performance system has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 17. For reference, modern systems are designed with excellent efficiency. A rating of 14-16 is perfectly acceptable for a home. That being said, the higher the efficiency the more you save each month. For Los Angeles residents, this is more relevant than those that live in Texas where energy is extremely affordable.


Carrier is THE original heating and cooling manufacturer in the U.S. It holds itself to the highest standard in system performance. In terms of performance, especially in comparison to a more efficient system, there isn’t a notable difference. Customers can expect to get the same lifespan out of the Performance Series as they would with the Infinity Series (10-15 years).

Carrier Infinity Series – Best

The Infinity Series is the latest in high-performance HVAC technology. It carries an incredible SEERS rating of 21 and can sync with the Infinity Controller for ultimate control of your system’s performance and home’s comfort.


The noise emitted from an Infinity Series unit sounds like a conversation. As long as your home is properly insulated, this should not have a significant impact on your sleep or downtime.

Whichever series you feel is best for your home, noise can often be an indicator of an issue. If a system was installed properly, it’s more likely to run quietly and smoothly. A system can also be noisy if it needs a repair or routine cleaning and maintenance.


With a SEER rating 20% greater than the Performance Series, customers will more than pay for the difference in cost between the two systems within the first 10 years. The more expensive your energy is, the more this is the case. In Southern California, customers who purchase the Infinity Series, should have no issues making up the difference in cost if they choose to invest in the more expensive unit.


While all Carrier products are built with quality parts and advanced technology, investing in a higher efficiency system will certainly impact the way your system performs as a whole and its overall life-expectancy. While this may not be a major differentiator in comparison to the Performance Series, it should provide peace of mind that if you choose the “more expensive” unit, your investment is secure.

Carrier Equipment Line

What It Means to Be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Brody Pennell is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We didn’t earn this title by just selling and servicing Carrier brand HVAC systems. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians has consistently performed to the rigorous standards set out by Carrier for their factory endorsement We only employ NATE-certified technicians who have passed a stringent set of exams. Our team also participates in extensive training on all of the technical aspects of Carrier equipment installation, maintenance and repair.

In addition to our technician training, we are also skilled at identifying and recommending the right Carrier home comfort solutions to meet your specific needs, which includes Carrier’s energy-efficient products. In addition to offering these quality products, we also pride ourselves on quality service – correcting any issues that you may have with your system promptly. We’ll even remove the equipment and refund your purchase price within one year of installation if you’re still unhappy with your Carrier equipment.

In addition to recommending the very best quality Carrier products and providing expert servicing of Carrier equipment, we also listen to and respond to what our customers have to say. In fact, as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are committed to gathering and responding to customer feedback while maintaining exemplary scores in our Carrier customer satisfaction program.

HVAC Financing Options

At Brody Pennell, we understand that purchasing a new HVAC system is a serious investment. But we also know the important role that a working HVAC system plays in keeping your Los Angeles home healthy, safe, and comfortable. That’s why we offer a range of HVAC financing options to ensure that you can get the new heating and cooling system you and your family need to stay comfortable year-round.

Whether you are replacing a decade-old HVAC system or just want to upgrade your existing system to a more energy efficient model, you can get the financing you need to make your home comfort dreams a reality. Visit our HVAC financing page to learn more about our financing options and how to apply.

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