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8 Twitter Accounts to Follow to Make Yourself Better at Saving Energy

April 21, 2017

Twitter is the ultimate resource for businesses and consumers who are looking to stay on top of the latest trends and news. With live updates directly from experts of any organization, industry or cause, Twitter has moved beyond just a social platform and into the world’s most active and transparent media source. This makes it the ultimate energy saving resource for those looking for the latest in energy efficient equipment, organizations and tips. We know that our L.A. community is always looking for ways to go green, so we’ve compiled this resource of Twitter accounts to follow for breaking energy saving advice.

#1 @EnergyCollectiv

Join the self-proclaimed – world’s best thinkers on energy and climate issues as they cover issues that concern global, residential, political and business energy efficiency and climate change. The Energy Collective provides a newsletter, webinars and ebooks as well as a slew of free resources to help keep you informed of the latest in energy news and tips for leading a more energy efficient life.

#2 @EnergyDemand

Global energy expert, Rod Janssen, and his blog – – have been influencing the world of energy efficiency and climate change since its inception as a newsletter in 1990. Rod is extremely active on Twitter and his blog and is a great follow for those looking for a comprehensive and global view on today’s energy issues.

#3 @ACEEEdc

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is focused on leading solutions to create and promote energy efficient solutions to powering America’s economy. Follow their twitter and their organization for the latest in energy efficiency news, energy security and environmental protection.

#4 @AnaMariaTolbaru

Ana-Maria is a price specialist in European power and energy journalist that specializes in energy efficiency, power, gas and LNG. Follow Ana-Maria on Twitter and on LinkedIn for a global perspective on climate change and energy efficiency.

#5 @ElisaWood

Elisa Wood is a journalist for energy markets and policy. Follow her Twitter and website for top energy market trends and news.

#6 @ieeesmartgrid

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has established a smart grid initiative that is focused on informing and guiding organizations and individuals on the advancement and optimization of our power grid. Follow the IEEE as they work to produce local and global solutions to a more stable and secure power grid.

#7 @Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy provides insight on both foreign and domestic energy issues. Follow the energy department to learn more about energy saving tips, our electrical grid, industry info and a lot more with over 13k tweets to date.

#8 @CircularEnergy

Circular Energy is an Austin, TX based energy company that focuses mainly on providing households with energy saving and bill slashing tips for greener and more frugal solutions to residential energy use.

For more local Los Angeles energy solutions, follow our energy savings blogs as a green resource to cutting your monthly bills. You can also schedule a consultation to meet with one of our energy experts to find out how we can create a greener home for your family and the environment.

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