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Top HVAC Technologies For The Coming Year

October 28, 2015

Since the huge AHR Expo in January 2015, there have been lots of new products and trends in the HVAC sector. Experts are still pondering on how these will affect the industry. The ever-evolving energy standards will impact the manner in which new units are produced as well buying trends among customers. People in the industry thus need to know what they can expect when it comes to HVAC Technology in 2016.

Advanced Equipment

A player in the industry noted that the level of smart technology in HVAC has sharply risen. Smart integration of equipment and better thermostat technology among others means that sales and service processes can be automated. This leaves more time for effective management of assets. As the demand for efficiency continues to rise, there will be more points of data to enable better measurements and analytics.

Business Management Software

In almost every sector, service organizations are looking at mobile software solutions to make their jobs simpler and more effective. While this isn’t exactly a new development, businesses need to adopt effective mobile solutions. Those who don’t adopt the new technology may find themselves lagging behind their competitors.

New Constructions Means New Installations

Installation of HVAC equipment is expected to rise in both residential and non-residential buildings. This comes due to the rise in the construction of new buildings, which is proof of recovery in the building sector. As such, contractors will find new opportunities in equipment installation.

Efficient Maintenance and Service

In the recent past, HVAC maintenance has evolved to become more efficient, with the service becoming more personal. With continues innovation of products and improved processes in maintenance, there will be additional gains in efficiency and the triumph of precautionary maintenance programs. The latter will be enhanced by the use of mobile applications. Contractors whose specialty lies in such maintenance techniques can expect other opportunities as the trend becomes more popular.

Adopting the latest technological developments, especially in mobile, will surely increase productivity for contractors. Mobility will enable prompt delivery of information, accurate field dispatches, more profits for each visit and enhanced safety for the staff. Taking advantage of new opportunities using advanced technology will enable contractors provide better services for their clients. Follow us for more articles that keep your HVAC system running efficiently and saving you money.

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