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Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

July 20, 2015

Any device that uses a computer circuit board is vulnerable to a power surge. This includes telephones, TV sets, personal computers and even your home’s HVAC system. A power surge can occur due to a lightning strike or a malfunction in the main power grid. A large power surge can cause irreparable damage to these items and any other electronic components in your home. Installing HVAC surge protectors is an affordable and effective way to protect all your electronic devices, including your heating and cooling equipment.

There was a time when heating and cooling systems were largely mechanical with only a few electronic components. Advancements in HVAC technology changed all that with highly efficient systems run by purpose built computers.

A power surge can cause a little damage or a lot of damage and there is no way of predicting the outcome when one affects your home’s electrical system. Even a small power surge can damage a HVAC unit’s components requiring the attention of a trained HVAC technician to make repairs. A large surge can cause the unit to fail completely and in some cases, purchasing a replacement is the only option.

Even if your heating and cooling system seems to be in proper working condition following a power surge, it is possible that some components have hidden damage. This will interfere with the system’s performance and may eventually cause premature failure and the need for replacement.

There is nothing you, or anybody else, can do to prevent a power surge from hitting your home’s electrical system at any time. What you can do is install surge protectors to prevent that excess power from ruining the electronic devices in your home, including your HVAC system. Consumers can purchase individual surge protectors for each electrical outlet serving an electronic device and a whole-home surge protector for the main breaker box to prevent a surge from affecting any items running off the main power line.

Adding surge protection to your home is an easy and affordable way to eliminate damage caused by an unexpected power fluctuation.

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