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Should I Turn Off My AC When I Am Not Home?

August 5, 2022

We still have a few more months of air conditioning here in Los Angeles, which means your AC bill will continue to be a large part of your monthly bills. Many homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on costs and energy used, such as wondering if they should turn off their cooling system when not home. In this blog, we will answer and discuss the in’s and out’s of turning off your air conditioner in the summer.

Will I Save Money By Turning Off My AC?

Simply put – yes, you will save money if you turn your air conditioner off at any time. Turning off your AC unit means it will run less and use less energy, because it is not cooling your home. However, there are factors to consider before you turn off your air conditioner in the Los Angeles heat. Below are a few things to consider before jumping to shutting your AC system off during the day:

  • Furniture and Flooring
  • Indoor Animals or Plants
  • Comfort When You Return
  • Humidity Levels
  • Technology

You may be thinking why you should consider these factors or why they relate to shutting off your AC system. The remainder of this article will explain the potential risks your home faces when powering off your system.

Furniture and Flooring

Wood or metal furniture can be damaged if it reaches a high temperature. If your AC is turned off, humidity levels will rise and cause wood to expand and leave cracks in your furniture. Similarly, wood flooring and paper can warp.

Indoor Animals and Plants

Do you have an indoor animal that stays at home while you leave? Consider their health before exposing them to the high temperature your house would reach if air conditioning was turned off. We encourage homeowners to consult a veterinarian before altering your home’s temperature. Indoor plants are put at risk if the climate is too hot for them to survive. For both animals and plants, it is not the best idea for their health to turn off your air conditioner during the day.

Comfort When You Return

If you turn off your air conditioning for your whole house in 85-90 degree weather, it will take time to cool it back down to a comfortable temperature. Depending on the size of your home and your air conditioner, it could take three to five hours to cool your entire home. This means if you come home at 5, you will sacrifice your comfort until about the time you go to bed.

Humidity Levels

Along with cooling your home, your air conditioner removes humidity. If you choose to turn your air conditioner off during the day, humidity levels will rise in your home. Mold and mildew are likely to grow in places and can affect your home and your health.


Consider your electronics before shutting down your AC unit. Many delicate electronics can not sustain high levels of heat and can be damaged.

How To Save Money And Your Home

We urge homeowners to consider these factors before turning off your air conditioner when the daily temperatures are highest. Instead, consider turning your thermostat temperature up a few degrees during the day. We recommend staying below 80 degrees to ensure the health of your home and the factors inside.

Another way to save money while keeping your home’s temperature intact would be to invest in a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats adjust your home’s temperature due to previously programmed settings. Homeowners are able to change the temperature from a mobile device to ensure it is cool when they arrive home.

Consider turning your home temperature up and not off this summer. For any questions or air conditioning repair in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, give one of our expert technicians a call to help!

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