Experienced, knowledgable, trustworthy and Professional, from the sales visit, pre-walk through with the project manager to the installation. Brody Pennell replaced an existing 1982 2 ton Day and Night HVAC unit with a new Carrier 3 ton unit. Additionally, they installed new exposed ducting with two additional registers and an additional return to accommodate the larger HVAC unit. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and efforts to meet my needs and expectations. The finished result and look is amazing. When selecting a proposal, I am not necessarily looking for the lowest or cheapest bid. I am more interested in the best quality, value and professional workmanship for a fair reasonable price. Do it once, do it right. The job also required a crane to remove the old HVAC unit and deliver the new unit on the roof 4 floors up. It also required scaffolding inside the condo unit and cutting through the exterior and interior walls to add the new ducting and return. I live in an 1173 square foot condo unit with an upstairs loft space which has a 19′ foot ceiling in the main living area. The previous HVAC system did not deliver air to the upper loft area which I frequently use as a guest space. As a result, the upper loft area has always been 10 or more degrees warmer than the main level making it very uncomfortable during the summer months. The entire space is now evenly cooled throughout and very comfortable. The new 3 ton unit works effortlessly to cool the space and runs only a fraction of the time that the previous unit did. Additionally, they made every effort to mitigate and reduce the noise and vibration. I do not hear a sound when it is running and only can tell that it is running when feeling the cool air circulating throughout. I also want to mention that Brody Pennell was the last to service my previous HVAC unit over 10 years ago which was going strong until recently. Once again, Experienced, knowledgable, trustworthy and Professional. Highly Recommended.

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