Top End Heaters For Los Angeles Homes And Commercial Properties

Ready to replace your heater? You’ve come to the right place. With over 75 years of experience replacing and installing heaters in Los Angeles, we understand how important your heating system is to your comfort and peace of mind. 

The right heating system should last LA customers 10-20 years of efficient and dependable operation. Making the wrong choice can lock you into years – we’re talking decades – of higher energy bills and frequent maintenance calls. That’s no way to start a long-term relationship.

At Brody Pennell, our technicians take the time to listen to customer needs. We won’t talk over you, or push you in a direction that you aren’t 100% comfortable with.

When we visit your home to discuss a new heater, it will feel much less like a sales call and more like a consultation. We will simply present the facts and illustrate which of our heat pumps, furnaces or other heating options would work best for your home or business’s unique size and layout.