Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating Systems in Los Angeles

Looking for an HVAC upgrade? Ductless systems improve your home’s comfort and use less energy. For homeowners in LA choosing a new air conditioning system, there’s no better choice than a ductless mini-split.

A ductless air conditioning system, often referred to as a mini-split air conditioner, is an efficient and effective alternative to the standard cooling system. The ductless AC unit is designed to provide quiet, optimal comfort while maximizing energy efficiency and reducing your utility costs over time.

Brody Pennell Heating & Air Conditioning provides ductless AC installation, repair, and maintenance services for homeowners in the Los Angeles area and beyond. We can recommend the right Carrier ductless system for your home and provide quick and effective service over the lifetime of the unit.

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Differences Between Mini-Splits and Traditional Air Conditioning

If you’re like the average American, then you have probably only lived in a home with a traditional air conditioning system. Ductless mini-splits systems operate differently than central air conditioning and have different equipment. So, it’s essential to understand the differences.

Understanding a Central Air Conditioning System

Here in Los Angeles, most homes have a sizable AC unit sitting outside. Two refrigerant pipes connect the air conditioning unit outside to a coil inside the house. Then, a big fan inside the home recirculates air across the coil. Then, ductwork delivers that air into different rooms.

Even though we’ve been cooling homes in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas with central AC for decades, there are some drawbacks. Many people report being uncomfortable in one or many areas of their homes, even when the AC is running. Some rooms are too hot, and others are too cold.

Your air conditioner operates based on the temperature sensed at the thermostat. Since there’s only one thermostat in your home (or perhaps two for multi-level dwellings), it’s difficult for every room to be comfortable.

Comparing a Mini-Split to a Central AC System

Let’s compare ductless HVAC equipment to central air conditioning equipment. First, a ductless outdoor unit is tall and slim compared to the bulky traditional air conditioner. Instead of the central indoor equipment, ductless systems connect to smaller indoor units located in each space of your home. All the equipment is connected via refrigerant pipes.

With a ductless mini-split, you will no longer have just one or two set points in your home. There is one set point for every indoor unit. So, you can set your family room to 72F, while your unused office is set to 78F. At night, you can set your bedroom to a cool 68F and set the rest of your home to 80F overnight. Not only will your comfort improve considerably, but you’ll also reduce energy consumption.

Save Money with a Ductless AC Unit

One of the greatest benefits of a ductless AC unit is that it helps you save money on utilities year-round. Air conditioners use up a significant amount of energy, so choosing a more efficient system can make a big impact on your bills. Since the mini-split system does not require ducts, it allows homeowners to avoid the energy loss that’s typically associated with ductwork. Reducing wasted energy will enable you to save more money on utility costs over time.

The ductless AC unit also offers an affordable option for homes that don’t have ducts or just don’t have the space to include them. The refrigeration lines used in a ductless split system are inexpensive and can be installed quickly. Not to mention, they are portable if you decide to take the system with you to a new home. In the end, you can save more money by getting the most out of your new ductless AC.

In addition to these cost benefits, homeowners may also be eligible for tax credits or rebates during the year that they install their ductless system. Business owners may also be eligible to participate in programs at the federal, state, and local levels to take advantage of additional cost savings on a ductless system.

Commercial Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning isn’t just for homeowners. Business owners and those that manage commercial properties and industrial buildings can also benefit from using ductless HVAC solutions. Not only do they help promote a comfortable environment for staff and customers, but they can also help you save more money on utility costs over time.

Commercial properties need to maintain specific temperatures year-round to promote employee productivity and satisfaction while also keeping clients, customers, and guests comfortable within the business environment. A ductless air conditioning system can help your business improve adequate airflow and maintain a comfortable temperature in high traffic work areas.

Carrier Ductless AC and Heating Systems

As a leader in the heating and air conditioning industry, Carrier offers a line of quality, high-efficiency ductless AC and heating solutions to fit every homeowner’s needs. Their range of ductless air conditioning systems and heat pumps will keep your home or business comfortable year-round.

Whether you are installing a ductless system in a historic home or just want to keep your modern space comfortable but have no room for ducts, Carrier has the right ductless HVAC system for you. Look at Carrier’s wide variety of ductless units to find the AC or heating solution that’s right for your home.

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