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Greenspeed® Intelligence from Carrier

The Next Generation of Home Comfort

For homeowners in Los Angeles looking for the Tesla of air conditioners, look no further than Carrier’s Greenspeed Intelligence units. This technology is truly the best of the best. These units use the latest technology on air conditioners and heat pumps after many years of ambitious research and development by Carrier’s engineers.

Units with Greenspeed Intelligence Have…

Outstanding Energy Efficiency.

Whether you are looking to slash your electricity bills, or you are looking out for the environment, you cannot do any better than Carrier units equipped with Greenspeed Intelligence. The product lineup includes the only 13.0 EER 5-ton variable-speed heat pump and up to 26 SEER in air conditioners. That’s a significant jump in energy efficiency, which means a huge potential for energy savings. Plus, energy efficiency units often qualify for money-saving HVAC rebates.

Ultra-Quiet Operation.

Air conditioners have a reputation for their noisy nature. All of us have experienced waking up in the middle of the night to an AC banging on and off. The Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence Units have the lowest sound available on the market; it is 50% quieter than the closest competitor. Greenspeed units even have a Quiet Mode to dial down the sound when you really need to. Enjoy a peaceful night of sleep with quiet, unobtrusive comfort.

Built-in Technology.

You live in the 21st century, but air conditioners have changed little since their invention by Willis Carrier in 1902. Your entire home is connected, and now that includes your air conditioner. Greenspeed Intelligence units come with Bluetooth® connectivity for easier serviceability and software updated by technicians. Plus, get over-the-web software update to your air conditioner with a WiFi® connected thermostat or Bluetooth device. That means less service calls and top system performance, year-round.

What is Variable Speed Technology in Air Conditioners?

Variable speed AC units can alter the cooling output depending on the needs of your home. Compare that to your current system, which is most likely single-speed. Your current system is on or off – that’s single speed.

Think about all the other devices in your home that offer variable settings. You can vary the volume of water coming out of your faucets. Your ceiling fans have high, medium, and low settings. Your washing machine may have many settings, or at least it has a dial for a small, medium, or large load. These options exist for a better user experience and to be more eco-conscious.

For years, decades, and even centuries, air conditioners have only had one setting: ON. Have you ever had your air conditioner running and you feel too cold, only minutes later to feel too hot while your AC is off? These temperature swings result from single-speed air conditioners.

You’ll see a major shift in both comfort and energy use when you replace your single speed air conditioner with a Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence unit. Greenspeed Intelligence systems are equipped with variable speed technology which continuously adapts the amount of cooling to the conditions of your home.

Benefits of Variable Speed Technology:


Replace your Air Conditioner with a High-Quality Unit

Many of our Los Angeles customers ask us whether it is worth it to invest in a premium AC system. Our response? You get what you pay for. Besides the more tangible benefits of energy efficiency, quiet operation, and a more comfortable environment, a high-caliber air conditioner like the Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence line has many other superior attributes. Enhanced Durability – Choose a system that is built for the long run. All AC units undergo reliability testing, but Carrier has tested the Greenspeed system to the most rigorous standards. They exposed units to extreme temperatures (up to 390F, now that’s HOT), extreme vibration testing (you want your AC to work after an earthquake, right?), and tested with dirty power sources. This kind of testing is far above and beyond the normal testing procedures, so when you buy a Greenspeed Intelligence unit, you know you’re getting the most reliable unit on the market. Improved Serviceability – Carrier’s Greenspeed Intelligence units are the easiest to service and maintain. This means that when your air conditioner breaks down, our technicians will identify and resolve the problem even faster than before. The Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence units have over 130 diagnostic codes versus standard units only have 30 codes. With more information, we’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with a broken AC and get it back to working much faster. Built to Withstand Extreme Temperatures – The Greenspeed Intelligence units can function at very low and very high temperatures. More economical models of air conditioning units operate within a standard range of temperatures. Now look, many of us live in Los Angeles because of the wonderfully mild temperatures. But on the off chance that we experience a huge temperature swing, you’ll still be comfortable.

Book a Consultation for your AC Replacement

Not sure if the Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence system is right for you? Allow us to talk you through all the options. After evaluating your home and talking to you about your needs and financial goals, we can provide our recommendations. A Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence is the right fit for many homeowners, but we may also recommend an Infinity or Performance unit.

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