What is the HERO Financing Program?

The HERO Financing Program stands for “Home Energy Renovation Opportunity,” and is a wonderful and affordable option for homeowners to purchase and install energy efficient utilities, products and systems within the home, to better conserve water and energy. Generally, HERO finances up to 100% the purchase cost and installation and labor costs for qualified products and offers flexible payment plans in periods of 5-20 years.

Hero financing for your Home heating and air conditioning systems comes with a great many perks and additional benefits including the ability for the financing to transfer to a new homeowner – in the event of change of ownership of a house or property – and the option of paying your HERO financing through the payment of your property taxes.

With the ability for commercial and residential property owners to be able to qualify for this special form of financing, homeowners and business owners alike can get special financing toward the purchase and installation of qualifying residential and commercial heating and cooling products and systems.