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Why You Need An HVAC Commission

August 31, 2016

One of the most important systems in your newly constructed home is the HVAC system. It will keep your home’s temperature regulated and, when commissioned and installed appropriately, save energy and keep your home environmentally friendly. If you need to commission an HVAC system but aren’t sure where to begin, let Brody Pennell help.

What Is HVAC Commissioning?

Simply put, HVAC commissioning is the thorough testing of your HVAC system’s performance. Although you are paying a contractor to build and install an HVAC system, there is no guarantee it will work perfectly after installation. To ensure it does, it’s best to have the system tested before, during, and after the building process. Commissioning saves homeowners money on maintenance costs, as well as the time it would take to repair or even replace an HVAC system. Commissioning also alerts you to potential problems before they happen, such as a system that’s prone to overheating.

Do I Need An HVAC Commission?

Many homeowners are unsure whether HVAC commissioning is necessary and are leery of spending money on one. However, you should commission any mechanical system in your new home, including the HVAC system.

Commissioning will make it easier to upgrade your HVAC system when needed. For example, if you live in a naturally hot area, you may need to upgrade chillers sooner than you estimated. Boilers, pumps, and heat exchangers may undergo wear and tear during harsh weather, leading to expensive repairs. An HVAC commission will ensure that your system has all the proper equipment when it is installed and that it all works at optimum levels.

Who Will Perform My Commission?

Usually the contractor who installed your system will be the same person who commissions it. If the contractor is unwilling or unable to do this, you must find a reputable commissioning agent immediately. During a commission, the contractor or other agent will simulate different operating conditions to test how well the system works and alert you to possible problems. Commissioning ensures these problems are fixed during installation, not left until the last minute or ignored until the project is complete and the contractor has already left.

During an HVAC commission, your contractor will mount and secure your HVAC box and ensure all controls are accessible. He or she will check each part of the system, such as fan belts, motors, coils, and piping to be sure they are installed properly and do not have wear and tear that might prevent them from working.

The contractor will check to see all system parts such as unit supply fans, dampers, and valves respond on command, and that start and stop times are programmed into the HVAC system properly. If any problems occur, the contractor will isolate the issue and devote time to it until it is resolved.

Learn More About HVAC Commissioning [H2]

If you wish to learn more about HVAC commissioning or want to schedule one, please call Brody Pennell or visit us online. Our associates are well versed in commissioning and will walk you through each step of the process.

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