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How To Save On Energy Bills This Thanksgiving

November 11, 2022

As Thanksgiving approaches, many are preparing their homes and grocery lists for family gatherings. Turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes on the stove, and leftovers in the microwave make for full bellies and high energy bills. In this blog, we will discuss tips to saving on energy bills this Thanksgiving in Los Angeles!

Save Money This Thanksgiving!

While Thanksgiving can look different for everyone, we all use the same universal ingredient – energy. Thanksgiving can cause your energy bill to skyrocket due to cooking nonstop and family in your home. While you start up the oven, turn on the burners, and begin cooking a delicious holiday meal, remember these 6 energy saving tips!

  • Lower Your Thermostat
  • Utilize Convection Oven Fans
  • Keep The Oven Closed
  • Cook Dishes Together
  • Prevent Extra Heat From Escaping
  • Use Your Microwave

Lower Your Thermostat

If you are in charge of hosting Thanksgiving or cooking multiple dishes, we recommend lowering your thermostat beforehand. Heat generating appliances, such as ovens, can add excess heat to your home and make the temperature uncomfortable. The turkey won’t be the only thing roasting in your home! Not only will your friends and family thank you for their comfort, but your piggy bank won’t be empty from energy costs.

Utilize Convection Oven Fans

If your home has a convection oven, use it! Convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system that helps cook items quickly and efficiently. This feature circulates hot air around the inside of the oven and reduces hot and cold spots to create more even cooking. When using your stovetop, utilize the exhaust fan to remove pollutants and keep quality air inside your home.

Keep The Oven Closed

When cooking something as important as the Thanksgiving turkey, it is normal to check on it often for perfection. However, continuously opening your oven door lets out heat and uses more energy. Even opening for a quick second can lose heat and cause your oven to work harder and reheat its set temperature. We recommend sticking to a timer and using oven lights to check on your turkey.

Cook Dishes Together

While this may be against your grandma’s cookbook, cooking dishes together can save on energy bills. This Thanksgiving tip requires more planning, because all dishes need to be cooked at the same temperature. We are just here to help save on your energy bills, so be sure to plan dishes together at the correct temperature before burning your pumpkin pie!

Prevent Extra Heat From Escaping

Similar to keeping your oven door closed, it is beneficial to keep other heat from escaping. For stovetop dishes, consider using lids on pots. Keeping a lid on your stove dishes can reduce cooking time and energy usage. When selecting bakeware, ceramic and glass dishes typically retain heat better than metal.

Use Your Microwave

Some dishes are better cooked in the oven, and some taste the same in the microwave. To save energy, use your microwave whenever possible. Microwaves use less energy and heat your food much faster!

Is Your Heating Unit Prepared For Thanksgiving?

If your home is hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, it is important to ensure you and your guest’s comfort. Heating maintenance can ensure your unit has no underlying issues that can result in an unpredictable breakdown. Feeding your family and friends is stressful enough, let us help keep your peace of mind with a reliable heating unit! One of our expert technicians can thoroughly inspect your heating unit, perform tasks to prevent problems from arising, and repair components as needed. Give us a call to schedule heating maintenance in Los Angeles before Thanksgiving is here!

May your turkey be plump and your energy bills stay low this Thanksgiving. Consider these 6 tips to keep your home a comfortable temperature and energy bills affordable. We are here to help keep your home cozy for all of life’s events, give us a call for heating repair in L.A.

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