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Are You Taking Advantage of These Energy Saving Strategies at Home?

October 25, 2017

Did you know that October is National Energy Action Month? What better way to celebrate than to start improving your energy efficiency at home. There are many ways that you can work to save energy and cut electricity costs throughout the year. Below are just a few of the energy saving strategies that you can start employing at your home today to conserve energy and save more on your monthly bills.

3 Energy Saving Strategies

  1. Use your programmable thermostat properly.

Programmable thermostats can go a long way in helping you use your HVAC system more efficiently. Not to mention, the programmable thermostat makes it far more convenient to create a comfortable environment for you and your family. The key to getting the most out your programmable thermostat is to make sure that it is properly installed and that you are using the program settings correctly.

To get the most out of this device, program your thermostat to adjust the temperature a few degrees closer to the outdoor temperature while you are away. For instance, if the house is unoccupied from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, you will want to program your thermostat to adjust the temperature during this time. Then, program the thermostat to adjust to a more comfortable temperature when you return.

  1. Turn your computers and other appliances off when not in use.

Did you know that your computer and appliances still use power even when they are not on or in use? Known as phantom power, this standby power can waste a lot energy. In fact, phantom power may even account for as much as 10 percent of the average homeowner’s electricity use.

To reduce this energy waste, you can turn your appliances, computers, and other gadgets to power-saving mode. You should also aim to turn off devices when they are not in use and unplug appliances in between uses. If you have older power strips and adapters, purchase newer ones to reduce energy waste.

  1. Replace your light bulbs with more energy-efficient bulbs.

Another great way to save energy throughout the year is to make sure you are using energy efficient lighting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average household uses about 5% of its energy budget on lighting. By making the simple switch to more energy-efficient lighting, you can quickly cut down on your energy costs.

You don’t have to replace all your light fixtures or bulbs all at once. Start by replacing the bulbs in your three most frequently used light fixtures. Switch these less energy efficient bulbs to ENERGY STAR models. This alone can help you save about $75 a year. You can slowly replace each of your light bulbs until you are using energy efficient bulbs in every one of your light fixtures. Soon, you will start to see the energy savings on your monthly electric bill.

If you’re looking for more ways to save energy, consider upgrading your HVAC system to a more energy efficient model. For more information, give us a call today: (310) 836-0606.

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Since 1945, Brody Pennell Heating & Air Conditioning is the committed to helping homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area experience total home comfort. In 2021, the readers of the Los Angeles Times voted Brody Pennell the Best HVAC Company in the area.

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