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Why a Heater Tuneup is Essential in LA

October 24, 2019

As a homeowner in LA, you know that getting a tuneup for your heater is important. But… do you actually schedule heater maintenance?

Why A heater tuneup is Important, even in LA

A lot of homeowners ignore – or conveniently forget – to get maintenance scheduled. A lot of people say, “my furnace is running fine, why do I need a tuneup?”. This goes on for several years until suddenly, they are calling us for an emergency heater repair in the middle of the night.

To be clear, we’re happy to take your calls 24/7. But these last-minute repairs are not only inconvenient, the repair costs can add up!

There are several reasons why you should make sure to get a heater tuneup in LA:

1. For the Safety of Your Family

It’s important to remember that a furnace is a machine. It produces heat by burning natural gas. Over time there will be normal wear and tear on the metal parts inside the machine. Gone unchecked, a furnace poses real dangers, like gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks.

Natural gas is flammable – that’s why it’s used in furnaces! But in a furnace, it’s kept enclosed inside the metal tubing and chambers. If it escapes into your home, any spark could cause a fire.

Since furnaces burn fuel, they produce carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is poisonous to humans and animals, causing nausea, headaches, and asphyxiation.

Getting maintenance for your Los Angeles heater will help identify any potential safety risks. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind that your furnace is working properly.

2. To Ensure Warmth

There’s a group of people out there that wait to turn on the furnace until they just can’t stand the cold any longer. Finally, on a cold morning, they bundle up, shuffle over to their thermostat, and switch the heat to ‘on’.  And they experience that brief moment of dread, thinking, ‘Is it going to turn on? I’m cold!!’

When you finally DO decide to turn on your heat, have confidence that you’ll get the warmth you desire! All LA residents should schedule a heater tuneup before the heating season begins. That way, you can be certain you’ll be cozy on that first cold day.

Plus, if your furnace requires repair, wouldn’t you rather have the work done when you’re not freezing?

Similarly, a furnace inspection can reveal how close you are to needing to replace it. If the time has come to install a new heater, it’s best to do it ahead of the cold. That way, you get full benefit from your new system all winter long.

All of this is to say, make sure you take care of your furnace maintenance before the cold truly arrives.

3. Protect the Environment and Pay Less

In California, nearly 27% of our energy consumption is attributed to space heating. One way we can reduce our impact on the planet is by improving the efficiency of high-consuming devices we use, like furnaces.

A furnace that has received a tuneup will use less energy and be more efficient. That’s because your furnace will receive a bit of a deep clean. We’ll check the system for any leaks or blockages that would contribute to higher energy use.

Combine your furnace inspection with a programmable thermostat and you’ll start to see big savings. Don’t have one? Check out our current promotion! Until November 15, 2019, qualifying LA customers can get a free Nest thermostat and free AC tuneup when you schedule a heater tuneup!

When you use less energy, you’re doing right by the environment. Bonus: your energy bills will get smaller, too.

LA Homeowners: Schedule Your Heater Tuneup!

We’ve shared just a few reasons why it’s important to get a heater tuneup in LA. There are many more reasons to schedule heater maintenance, like the longevity of your furnace and maintaining your warranty.

The fact of the matter is that every home in Los Angeles should have annual furnace maintenance. We make it easy to get your furnace inspected. Fill out this form to schedule your appointment!

One last thing. If remembering to schedule your maintenance is part of the hurdle, consider joining the Brody Pennell Maintenance Club. In addition to helping you get your inspections scheduled, you’ll receive discounts on parts and repairs. It’s a great deal; that’s why hundreds of your LA neighbors are already signed up!

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