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Geothermal Heat Pumps: How Does It Work?

March 21, 2018

Geothermal heat pumps work similarly to the other types of heat pumps available in the market, with the main difference only coming from the source of the heat. As the name suggests, this type of system makes use of the heat coming from the earth to help control the temperature of your home.

You will need to contact your local home air conditioning repair, maintenance, and service provider to install a geothermal heat pump in your home because this is a project that you cannot do on your own. To learn more about this energy-efficient alternative to conventional heating and cooling, we’ll discuss the basic concepts behind this technology.


Understanding how it works is important to know before your home air conditioning repair and service technicians arrive to start the job. Installation involves digging a hole in your backyard up to 10 feet deep where the main heat exchange pipes will be laid out. Clear out the area of any obstruction and remove any items that can be damaged. If you don’t have enough space for a horizontal system, you can also try a vertical heat exchange.

Geothermal Heat

Deep in the shallow ground, the earth retains a fairly consistent temperature of about 54 degrees. This constant level is vital to the geothermal heat pump system. During cold winter months, water inside the pipes passes through the heat exchanger where the relative heat of the ground warms it up. The warmth is then transferred to your home’s ductwork for distribution.

Air Conditioning

In the summer, a reverse transfer occurs. The warm summer air heats up the water in the pipes that cools down as it passes through the heat exchange underground. The resulting cooled air is then used as an air conditioning alternative for your home.

Better Heating by Brody-Pennell

To get a deeper understanding of the system, give Brody-Pennell a call at (310) 836-0606. Our experts are more than welcome to answer all your questions about geothermal heat pumps. Our services are available in Santa Monica, California, and all surrounding areas.

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