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Energy Saving Tips For Winter

February 21, 2015

With rising energy costs, it is vital that energy consumption is checked and only appropriate usage is made. However, saving energy cost may not be easy unless you know the measures and practices to save it. If you are able to minimize energy wastage, a lot of your energy will be saved and as a result you will save a substantial amount of money. This will also reduce the burden on the environment and a clean and green future will be available to all of us.

Here are some energy saving tips for winter:

The temperature at which thermostat is set will affect your energy consumption. Set it at 68 degrees or lower. For every degree rise in temperature above 68 degrees, 3 to 5 percent more energy is consumed. Up to 15 percent on energy bills can be saved every year if the thermostat is used between 10°F to 15°F for at least 8 hours every day.

To save up to $34 a year, always clean the lint trap before every load of the washing machine.

Regular and heavy use of oven accounts to a lot of energy consumption. Reduce the usage of oven and instead use microwave for heating food. You can save up to 80% in cooking energy adopting this technique.

Water heating costs in winters can be substantial. Thus, avoiding wastage of heated water will reduce energy consumption. Use of showers accounts to significant water wastage. Hence, cut your shower time and you can save almost 33% of water heating cost. Use of cold water for washing clothes will also help you save some amount of money from heating costs.

Limited use of dryer for clothes will limit the amount of energy used thus resulting in energy saving. Automatic turning off the dryer will be beneficial to cut energy costs.

Regular and timely maintenance of HVAC units will also reduce energy consumption. These units when operating at optimum potential will consume less energy. Timely maintenance makes these systems efficient and increases their operating life.

Cost saving on energy consumption is the need of the hour. This not only affects an individual household but also concerns the whole environment.

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