Lomita Heating and Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Lomita comes from the Spanish for little knoll, given by the native people of this area hundreds of years ago. Though development has changed the local landscape, the peaks that greeted them with the morning sunrise still stand, greeting those who live there every day. The natural slope of the land lets both sunlight and ocean breeze filter through to the shores of Machado Lake, making for a gentle, breezy climate all year round.

With just 20,000 people living in the city, Lomita still holds on to some of its heritage even as it marches into the future. The Lomita Railroad Museum harkens back to yesteryear, commemorating the golden age of steam engines. With replicas as well as real engine cars that once traveled across the country, it’s a must see for train enthusiasts and history lovers. Not far away, the Los Angeles Harbor College helps usher young people into the future.

Get Quality AC Repair & Installation Lomita

Residents of Lomita can enjoy reminiscing about the past, but also have the best of modern life, including top of the line HVAC units that keep them comfortable in any weather. if you experience an issue with your heating or cooling, Brody Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help. Our team is standing by with experienced technicians ready to perform AC Repair & Installation Lomita any time of day or night. Contact us at the first sign of an issue with your unit, like unusual sounds, lack of cooling, or burning smells.