Inconsistencies in temperature inside a household can be attributed to many different factors. The position of a room can affect its temperature. As warm air rises and cool air sinks, high leveled homes with multiple floors often heat up relatively faster. On the other hand, lower stories and even basements can be much colder than the rest of the home. Architecture also plays a role as vaulted ceilings tend to retain heat poorly and windows that face the sun can warm up a room quickly.

Whatever the case, these problems are addressed by system zoning.

Zoning HVAC Services

Zoning is pretty much a straightforward concept. The household is divided into zones with each one having its own thermostat. This network of thermostats are then monitored and controlled by a central panel that automatically determines areas of uneven temperature distribution. The panel also controls dampers within your homes ductwork, allowing temperature-controlled air to enter areas that need it.

Advantages of Zoning

Most HVAC services and even the Department of Energy recommend zoning as a smart way to achieve energy consumption reduction goals. By programming a house to heat up or cool down only the areas that need it, homes can save up to 30% on their energy bills. The idea of system zoning is parallel to turning off the lights in rooms that are not currently in use.

Disadvantages of Zoning

As with most technologies, having HVAC services install programmable thermostats and divide the home into zones requires a considerable initial investment. In fact, despite the promise of future savings, plenty of homes have not made the switch simply because of the cost alone. Unfortunately, this is not a do-it-yourself project that can be handled by anyone. You will need the help of licensed professionals to have your home zoned.

Hassle-Free HVAC Services by Brody-Pennell

If you are considering system zoning as an effective investment to save on future energy costs, you can schedule a free consultation with the heating and cooling experts at Brody-Pennell. Call us now at (310) 836-0606. Our services are available in Los Angeles, CA and all surrounding areas.

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