Getting a new air conditioning unit is a major home expense. It may be necessary though, because no unit will last forever, and eventually repairs will start to cost more than a new unit. So how do you know when the time has come to replace your AC? Here are some pointers from our experts to help you decide.

Sometimes an AC Unit is Just Too Old

Age should be an important factor in your decision to replace an AC unit. No matter how well you have maintained your AC, it won’t last forever. The older it is, the more likely you are to need to replace it over trying to repair it. You can use the $5,000 rule to decide if your AC is just too old to fix. Multiply the age of your unit by the amount of money it would cost to get it working again. If it comes out to more than $5,000, replace your AC, don’t repair it.

When Efficiency Fails, It’s Time to Go

Your AC is supposed to keep you cool, take humidity out of the air, and generally make your home more comfortable. Is it doing its job well? If your unit runs a lot, but your home doesn’t seem to be cool enough, or if it always feels too humid in the house, your machine is probably not working efficiently, and this is a sign you may need to replace it.

Leaky AC Units Need to Be Replaced

If one of the issues you are having with your AC is a coolant leak, this may be a big sign you need to replace it. This is especially true if your unit uses R-22 refrigerant. It is being phased out, so replacing it is pricey. A leaky R-22 AC should be replaced without question.

Replace Your AC if Your Energy Bills Are Too High

Check out your energy bills from one year to the next. Are they getting higher? If so, it could mean that you have an out-of-date, inefficient AC unit. You could repair it, but getting a new one will mean better efficiency and lower energy bills. It may seem like a big cost up front to get a new unit compared to repairing your existing AC, but in the end the upgrade could save you more.

Sometimes repairing your AC unit is the right choice. To get it working again may just be a simple fix at a reasonable price. On the other hand, there are several reasons why replacing your AC is the better option. Consider all factors before making the choice, and contact us to get an HVAC expert’s opinion.

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  • My best friend’s house has been pretty humid for the last week even though her AC is running. I am so glad you brought to my attention how your AC may not be working efficiently if your home is humid. I will have to pass this along to my friend so she can have a new system installed soon.

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