Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Summertime brings longer hours of daylight, more sunshine….and higher electric bills. Air conditioning keeps homes cool and comfortable but uses a significant amount of a home’s total energy consumption. Utility bills can add up! And if all your neighbors are running their AC at the same time, it can lead to rolling blackouts. That’s why we recommend every homeowner in Los Angeles makes a plan for how to save energy throughout the hottest months. With an energy savings plan, you can use your home’s appliances and systems efficiently while achieving energy savings during the summer’s warmest days.

Energy-Saving Tip #1 – Manage the Heat from Your Windows

Your windows are a huge source of added heat inside your home. And once your house is hot, your air conditioner has to use energy to cool it back down. So, be mindful of your window usage. Closing blinds, shades and drapes in rooms when they are receiving direct sunlight will help reduce heat transfer. This simple step can ensure rooms remain cool; plus, your A/C won’t need to work so hard. 

Energy-Saving Tip #2 – Go With the (Air) Flow

Open all your interior doors so that cooler air freely flows throughout the house. Use ceiling fans so you can comfortably raise the temperature on your A/C’s thermostat by several degrees. Check your HVAC filters each month and replace them as often as needed, or at least every 3 months.

Energy-Saving Tip #3 – Seal It Up

Check the house for air leaks. Your cool air may escape through fireplaces, holes in foundation walls and attics, and around doors and windows. Close fireplace dampers, caulk around windows and places where there are air leaks in attics and foundation walls, and install or replace weather stripping around doors. Inject foam insulation into walls without insulation and add R-30 rated insulation to your attic. Make your home as snug and air tight as you can. And don’t forget to have your ductwork checked for tightness during a routing AC maintenance visit. You don’t want that cold air from your air conditioner leaking into your attic!

Energy-Saving Tip #4 – Limit Extra Heat

Run heat producing appliances during the coolest parts of the day. Cook more on an outdoor grill or in your microwave, as it uses half the energy your stove or range does. Place your refrigerator’s temperature setting between 30°F and 42°F. If it has a power saving switch, use it. If your dishwasher has an economy setting, wash on that setting. Only run full loads.

Energy-Saving Tip #5 – Run a High-Performing Air Conditioner

In the summer months, your air conditioner uses an enormous amount of energy. Do everything you can to ensure your AC is running at peak energy efficiency. Schedule HVAC maintenance in the spring, or sign up for a maintenance agreement so you never forget. When your air conditioner starts to hit double-digits in age, replace it with an energy-efficient system like the Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence system. Not only will you get outstanding energy efficiency, but these systems typically qualify for cash-saving special rebates

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  • It makes sense that you can help save energy in your home by making sure that heat coming from your windows is controlled. My brother would like to find an expert that handled energy-efficient home designs. Hopefully, he can find someone that can help him save money and energy.

  • I think it’s good that you mentioned how you can save energy by using the power-saving settings on your appliances. My uncle needs to find an affordable way to supply his house with energy without spending too much money. He should find a business that can help him find ways to save money on energy usage.

  • Wow, it was really helpful when you explained that ceiling fans can help your air conditioning unit be more energy-efficient. It seems like ceiling fans help to keep the air balanced and distributed in your home. If the air is distributed more evenly, your system won’t have to work as hard.

  • If I were to reduce my electricity bill I would make sure to invest in solar power since this will help address the matter. Well, I also agree with you that scheduling an HVAC maintenance is very necessary too since this will avoid consuming too much energy. Thank you for sharing here as well that proper insulation is beneficial too.

  • For the last few months, I was suffering from high energy consumptions. I was worried about it and I was searching for some suggestions to reduce my energy consumptions. After reading your article, I repair my windows & door seal, tried to use natural light. By following your suggestions, I am successful to reduce my energy consumptions. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  • I didn’t know that you could get windows that end up saving you more money each month in energy costs. My windows let in too much light. I’ll have to get tinted windows so that I can reduce that amount.

  • Thanks for the info about energy savings. I am worried about my home’s energy efficiency. I’ll consider having an audit done, so I’ll look for an HVAC contractor who can help me out.

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