So many people get confused whether to have both an AC and a boiler in the same home or office. Given that they both have different functions, it means they will consume power differently, and because of this, people worry about utility bills. But adding air conditioning to a boiler isn’t a bad idea if you understand the secret to doing it.

Three Ways to Fix Boilers and ACs Together

There are actually three available options on how you can install an AC and a boiler in the same house. One is through an AC system with a mini-split set up; this means the condenser will be on the outside while the cooler is on the inside. This is an affordable option plus you don’t have to worry about ductwork.

The second option is through an Attic AC system which uses ductwork. The ducts will transport the cold air generated in the attic to the rooms you want to cool. This kind of system is also able to heat an entire room if required. This way you get both hot and cold air in one unit instead of investing in two separate units.

On the other hand, you may feel that the ductwork is too much and want something smaller and manageable; hence the high velocity attic air system. Instead of ducts, it uses round tubes which are smaller and easier to work with. They are more efficient in transporting cool air to any room and operate in silence; thus no noise to worry about. Compared to the duct AC systems, the round-tubing attic AC systems look more appealing in construction. Though you will spend a little more to have the unit installed, you get more efficiency in the long run, which translates to saving on utility bills.

So it is possible to have the AC and boiler in one house without either compromising the function of the other. You only need to install them far from each other and ensure they don’t share any components like ductwork. Follow our blog today for more tips on how to use the AC-Boiler set up and still save on energy and monthly bills.

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  • Absolutely! If you have a boiler that raises the indoor air temperature of your home, you can install an air conditioning system at any time of the year. Choose from an Attic Air, High Velocity, and Ductless, Mini-Split air conditioning systems.

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