HVAC system replacement normally means a big investment, although it is also a great opportunity to improve the energy efficiency, air quality and the comfort of your home. Regular servicing and occasional repairs can take care of occasional problems with your air conditioning unit or furnace. However, if the units are too old and are leading to ever escalating utility bills, a replacement is your best option.

However, as we have already said, HVAC replacement is a big investment and you must take a good many things into consideration before you make the final decision. First of all, consider your options. Check if artificial cooling and heating is your best option or whether or not it should be more profitable for you if you went for more modern and efficient alternatives such as radiant heat systems, heat pumps, etc.

Similarly, determine whether you need models that exactly match the size and capacity of your existing units or should you go for different specifications. If you have added to or refurbished your home in the meantime, you may need to go for systems with different specifications. Also, make sure to ask your HVAC company about multiple heating and cooling zones and whether such a set-up would be ideal for your home—both in terms of comfort and efficiency. Zoning systems are often recommended for larger homes with different spaces allotted for different activities. However, a zoning system may not be too profitable for smaller households.

When you contact a HVAC company and ask for an estimate, make sure that there are no strings attached and that the contractor includes in the given estimate parts prices, labor costs, energy efficiency and warranty specifications. You must also check if the company has proper license and insurance for carrying out this type of job.

Other things to consider include the types of filter offered by the unit. Tow common varieties are washable and disposable filters, but more sophisticated HEPA filters will improve the air quality and will protect the health of the household members. Also make sure to check if the unit you are considering will qualify you for tax credit and if you can get hold of some special rebates or offers when you make the actual purchase.

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