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Can I Add an A/C if I Have a Boiler?

August 15, 2017

Can You Add a Boiler to a Home with an Air Conditioner?

It’s a common misunderstanding: most people aren’t sure whether or not their houses can run both an A/C and a Boiler system at the same time. Since they both have totally different functions, they will consume power in unique ways, so the main concern is not whether they will actually function, but how much extra cost this will add to their utility bills. Yet, if you do it correctly, adding an Air Conditioner System to a home with a Boiler can be an excellent investment.

3 Options for Ideal A/C and Boiler Functioning

  1. Mini Split Set-Up

In an A/C system with a mini split set-up, the condenser exists on the outside while the cooler remains on the inside of the home. Not only is this an affordable option, but you also don’t have to worry at all about maintaining ductwork.

  1. Ductwork System

Your next option is one that utilizes ductwork in the home, mainly through the attic or in the basement. The ducts in these systems transport the cold air that is generated in the space that houses the ductwork to the other areas in your home you would like to keep cool through registers and/or other vents. You can also heat a home with a ductwork system, which allows you to distribute hot and cold air through one unit, rather than two separate units.

  1. High Velocity Attic Air System

If you feel that ductwork is too invasive or space consuming and would like something smaller and more manageable, then consider a high velocity attic air system. Instead of ducts, it utilizes smaller and more manageable tubes. These small tubes are more efficient in transporting cool air to each room and are completely silent during operation. In addition, compared to the ductwork systems, the high velocity attic air systems look more aesthetically appealing in construction. These systems are a bit pricier than the above options, but you will come away with more efficiency (and money savings on your utility bills!) in the long run.

Smart Synchronizing

So, as you see, it is possible to have an air conditioning system and boiler in one house without compromising the function of the other. A good tip is to install them relatively far away from each other and make sure that they don’t share any components, such as ductwork.

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