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How Do Air Conditioner Rebates Work?

May 20, 2019

When making a major home repair, one way you might look to save money is by using rebates. When in comes to heating and cooling, there are many rebates for air conditioner available to help make purchases more affordable.

So, what are rebates? Rebates are a post-purchase discount. That means you don’t receive the discount until after your purchase has cleared. You are probably familiar with how coupons or discount codes work. Rebates are similar to discounts. But, instead of the money coming off of the initial purchase price, a rebate is something that you have to request after you purchase your HVAC.

Air Conditioner Rebates: The Lowdown on How They Work

You can save a ton of money when you take advantage of rebates on HVAC system. If you’re shopping for a new AC or heating system with a rebate in mind, it’s important to know the exact steps to realize your discount.

First, note that you will still be responsible for the total purchase price. Whether you’re paying up front or taking advantage of financing, the total amount you owe will be the final price of the system. So, even if the air conditioner qualifies for a rebate, it probably won’t be reflected in the final quote you receive.

Air conditioner rebates are often specific to a brand, system type, or efficiency levels. Before you go shopping for a new cooling and heating system, make sure you know the requirements for the rebates. Our team here at Brody Pennell can help you find rebates that qualify. In fact: when it comes to rebates, we have every incentive to help you find the most savings.

How to Secure Your Air Conditioner Rebates

Once you have purchased your system, you need to submit all the necessary information for the rebate. Sometimes rebates will be time-bound. For example, rebate forms must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. So, make sure you know all of the rules about the rebates and submit your information as soon as possible.

Rebates are not automatic. You have to request the rebate in order to get it! These days, most rebate requests can be submitted online. So, it’s easier than ever to get your incentives. The most important thing is to remember to make the request on-time and with all the required information. Most HVAC rebates require information like model number, installer information, and a copy of the purchase receipt.

Make sure you submit rebate request for all organizations offering HVAC rebates. Many times there are multiple incentives offered simultaneously. Right now in LA homeowners can save up to $2,850 by combining promotions from different organizations. Taking advantage of multiple offers is the best way to save big, but that means a little more legwork. Make sure you submit individual rebate applications to all the organizations offering rebates.

Once your rebate request has been approved, you’ll receive a check in the mail for the amount of your rebate. This can be as quick as a few days, or as long as a few weeks, depending on how busy the team is that is handling rebates at the different companies. When you’re waiting on your rebate, make sure you check your mailbox regularly. Most rebates come in an nondescript white envelope. So, be careful! Double check the contents of your mail before tossing an envelope that appears to be junk mail.

Recap: Rebates for Air Conditioners and Heaters

To summarize, here’s how to make the most of HVAC rebates in LA:

  1. Choose a new HVAC system to purchase by talking with a qualified HVAC installer
  2. Verify that the air conditioner or heater you have chosen qualifies for a rebate
  3. After purchasing, collect necessary information for rebate application
  4. Submit rebate request on-time and to all organizations
  5. Get your cash back in the mail

That’s it!

Need help with Air Conditioner Rebates? Brody Pennell can help!

Rebates for HVAC systems come and go. So when you’re looking for the best deal, give our team a call. We can help you select a system that will meet the requirements to help you cash in on rebates.

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