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A/C Maintenance That’s Important To Complete Before The End Of The Summer Season

August 18, 2014

During the winter months, the air conditioning system stays dormant as homeowners run their heating systems. Therefore, as the summer season winds down and the warm weather retreats, homeowners tend to use their air conditioners less and less, making it the perfect time for the end of summer air conditioning maintenance. An end of summer tune-up is essential for optimal system performance, and can benefit a homeowner in several ways:

• Prevent midsummer system breakdown

• Extend the working life of the A/C

• Improve system efficiency

• Reduce utility costs

During the end of summer A/C maintenance, it is important to focus on the air filters, evaporator coils and fins, the condensate pan and drain, and the condenser. In addition, both central and window units require some simple maintenance tasks to prepare them for winter and to ensure they are ready for the next summer.

Air Filters

Cleaning or replacing the A/C filters is the most essential maintenance task that will keep the system in good shape and improve its efficiency once the weather warms up again. Filters clean indoor air off pollutants before it enters the HVAC system, gets cooled or heated, and then flows out again.

Dirty or clogged filters obstruct normal airflow and kill an air conditioner’s efficiency. With normal airflow hampered, the air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt particles straight into the evaporator coil, thereby limiting its heat–absorbing ability. In addition, cleaning or replacing a clogged filter can lower the system’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Evaporator Coils and Fins

Over their months of service, evaporator coils accumulate a lot of dirt, which obstructs airflow and insulates the evaporator coil, thus limiting its ability to absorb heat. To get around this problem, homeowners should inspect and clean their system’s evaporator coil before the end of summer. In addition, the aluminum fins can bend and obstruct the flow or air through the coil. Homeowners should therefore make use of a fin comb to comb the fins back into their former position.

Condensate Pan and Drain

A condensate pan and drain traps moisture from the cooling process and expels it outdoors. Before the end of summer, homeowners should inspect the pan and drain for moisture and get rid of any stagnant water to prevent freezing during the winter season.


The condenser begins the cooling process by releasing heat outdoors. During the end of summer A/C maintenance, homeowners should check the condenser for any buildup of dirt on the coils and fins and carefully clean with a hose to get rid of any dirt or grime. It is also important to clear any overgrown shrubs from the area around the condenser to improve airflow.

Homeowners should call their local HVAC Contractors for summer air conditioning maintenance or any HVAC service.

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