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5 Nest Thermostat Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

September 20, 2021

Here at Brody Pennell, we are big fans of the connected home trend in Los Angeles. SoCal homeowners with smart homes benefit from time-saving automations, energy conservation, and peace of mind with complete monitoring and control of their home right from their smartphone. In this blog, we wanted to zero in on the benefits of the Nest Thermostat. 

You might wonder, “is a Nest Thermostat really any better than a programmable thermostat?” Short answer: yes. A 2015 study of homeowners revealed that 40% of programmable thermostat owners didn’t use the programmable features at all, while another 33% of homeowners had the features enabled but used override functions which eliminate the benefit of programming. With most homeowners not using their existing thermostat properly, a Nest Thermostat can make a big difference by automating some decision-making. 

Here are five more features of the Nest Thermostat that may sway your decision:

Save Energy and Money with a Smart Home

This one’s simple: conserving energy is good for the environment. But using less energy also translates to lower energy bills. That’s something to get excited about! 

The Nest Thermostat helps reduce energy usage through several features. One such feature is the Eco Temperature setting, which can detect if you and your family members are inside the home or not. If the Nest Thermostat determines no one is home, it will automatically change the temperature settings to conserve energy. 

Monitor Performance of all Nest Products

These days we can monitor many data in our life. We receive notifications from email, social media, and updates on our favorite sports teams. When you have any of the Google Nest products installed in your home, you’ll receive the Nest Home Report in your email each month. The report summarizes energy usage, safety events, and more. 

Control Nest Thermostat Remotely

Perhaps the best feature of the Nest Thermostat is that you can control temperature remotely. 

Simply log in to the Nest app on your smartphone and adjust the temperature. Imagine sitting in the airport about to leave for vacation and realizing you forgot to set your temperatures back. That’s a lot of energy wasted on an empty house! Now you can adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere with Nest.  

Nest Thermostats Light Up When You Approach

Have you ever tiptoed late at night to adjust your thermostat, only to realize you can’t see it? When you enter a room to check a Nest thermostat, the display automatically lights up. Now you can easily view the current temperature, time and weather, no matter the lighting conditions in the space. This is one of those small design touches that makes a big difference in your daily life!

Integrates with Google Home and Nest Hub

A smart speaker is another fun addition to any Los Angeles connected home. Here at Brody Pennell, you might overhear us saying “Okay Google, play The Eagles.” Still, smart speakers can do so much more than play music. You can connect your Google Home or Nest Hub devices. That means if you’re feeling warm you can just say, “Okay Google, lower the temperature by 2 degrees.” It’s your home… but connected! 

Brody Pennell is a Nest Elite Pro

Brody Pennell has been trained and certified as a Nest Elite Pro. That means our team has completed rigorous training on the installation and configuration of Google Nest connected home products. We can help install the Nest Thermostat, the Google Nest camera products, Nest Security products, the Google Hub, and even the Google Nest Doorbell. Trust a trained professional to get your smart home all set up so you can enjoy the benefits with no frustration. Call us today for more information!

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