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2019 HVAC Rebates and Promotions

April 18, 2019

Everyone wants a good deal on big purchases. Replacing your air conditioning and heating system is a major home improvement expense. HVAC rebates can provide some relief to homeowners looking to invest in a new heating and cooling system. We’ve compiled the top HVAC promotions for how Los Angeles homeowners can save cash this year.

How HVAC Rebates Work

Rebates are essentially a discount on your purchase. But instead of receiving your discount at the time of purchase, you receive your discount after the purchase. As the homeowner, you are responsible for claiming the rebates.

Then, you’ll send your receipt, along with any other required information, to the group that is running the HVAC rebate special. When the organization has verified your system meets the criteria for the rebate, you will receive a check for the qualifying amount.

Top HVAC Rebates for LA Homeowners

This month, Brody Pennell is helping you save. We’re sharing a variety of promotions that are currently available for Los Angeles homeowners who purchase a new heating and cooling system:

The most lucrative HVAC rebate is Carrier Cool Cash. This promotion is available through November 15, 2019 and applies to eligible Carrier systems. When you purchase a qualifying Carrier system, you can get up to $1,650 in rebates. Carrier has a simple online form that can be used to submit your rebate request, making it extra easy to get cash back.

Another set of rebates to look out for is from your utility company. Utility companies provide rebates on more efficient HVAC systems because that would result in less demand on the grid. Los Angeles homeowners can go to the website for their electricity provider and see what rebates are available. Right now, LA homeowners can get up to $1,200 in rebates from local utilities. There are rebates available for replacing older HVAC units that have low efficiency levels. Plus, there are rebates for purchasing high-efficiency HVAC models.

Combine Rebates to Cash in on Savings

Did you know that you can combine rebates? You can take advantage of both the Cool Cash program as well as the utility rebates for up to $2,850 in cash back. That can make your new air conditioner much more affordable.

Financing for HVAC Systems

Even with the help of incentives like rebates, you may not be able to come up with the money to purchase a new HVAC outright. So, we offer HVAC financing to help you buy a new unit while these discounts are in effect. This way, you’ll have a more manageable monthly payment rather than trying to come up with the full amount at once.

Contact Us Today for a new HVAC System

If you’re ready to get a high-quality heating and cooling system at a low price, contact us today. We’ll talk you through how you can benefit the most from current HVAC system rebates. Our goal is to help you save as much as possible!

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